Structurally Insulated Panels

Sabre Industries Structural Insulated Panels

Sabre’s Structurally Insulated Panel building systems are an ideal lightweight building solution.

Sabre’s SIP building systems are strong, energy efficient and cost-effective buildings that provide flexible alternatives across several different industries. Built with interlocking panels manufactured from roll formed material with integral structural strengtheners formed in a panel design, they are superior to wood buildings in a variety of ways.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Sabre’s SIP building systems feature high-performance building panels for walls, and roofs. Each panel is manufactured using an expanded foam insulation laminated between two structural skins of 24 gauge steel. Our standard SIP walls are 4” thick providing an overall R-17+ thermal resistance for the entire life cycle of the product. Foam core structural insulated metal panels are available in pre-painted stucco embossed metal skins that are structurally laminated to the insulated foam cores. Custom panel thickness is available from 3” to 8” with alternative laminate skins. Well regarded by green-conscious builders and consumers, this construction method provides high energy efficiency and quicker construction time.

Advantages of Sabre’s SIP building systems include:

  • Certification by Energy Rating specialists, with a typical energy savings of 50-60% less than traditional construction.
  • Excellent indoor air quality through airtight construction.
  • Rooms and areas that maintain a constant temperature without noisy air handling equipment.
  • Environmentally-friendly building materials. Insulation cores do not break down and lose their excellent insulating performance characteristics.
  • Hurricane and impact resistance with extreme thermal performance.

Providing you with the highest quality products, Sabre’s SIP building systems meet or exceed the new Florida and Gulf Coast hurricane requirements. They are certified by a licensed engineer/architect for structural design and integrity, and meet the requirements of the Florida Building Commission, ASTM, and UL. For more information on our SIP building systems, please contact us by phone at (318) 213-2900 or via email at

Highly regarded by green-conscious builders and consumers, these building systems lend themselves to lean manufacturing.